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Seed is a short horror game about venturing into the unknown. Largely inspired by "The Blair Witch Project",  it's intended to hint at a bigger picture but leave all answers for the player to ponder.

This is my first foray into videogame development. Having no previous experience with Unity, I think of it as more of a "playable test" than a fully-fledged title. It's also rough and basic, so I'm open to all sorts of criticism.

Parts of the HUD might not be displayed correctly in some screens due to resolution. This won't be game breaking, but I apologize for the inconvenience.

Published Sep 01, 2017
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, forest, Horror, scary, seed, Short

Install instructions

No installation requierd, just download and extract the files.


Seed 1.2.zip 253 MB

Development log


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Gave it a go...

Amazing game. I really enjoyed it. Also I made I video about it.

don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more horror games:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:

Looks beautiful. Great textures on the building. Great tension.

Espero que puedas responderme, soy un sub tuyo y me gusta lo que haz hecho, siempre que veía tus vídeos (Algunos los he visto mas de 20 veces) te oía decir lo mucho que te gustaba el genero de horror y lo mucho que considerabas mal hechos a los juegos de horror actuales, en este momento estoy descargando "seed" por dos motivos, busco un juego de terror de calidad y admiro tu obra, son las 21:47 en mi país y espero esta noche no poder dormir por aun sentir el temor en mi cuerpo sin la necesidad de los screammers. Te quiero Bortz, sigue cumpliendo tus sueños. :D

A quick-play of the game.
Quite enjoyed it!

Fun and spooky game and if you go through the coments you'll already see everyone complaining how short it was... and I too wish it was a bit longer.

is there any jump scares?

Not really, no.

hello. when i get to the axe in the wall. my computer wants to extracted files? and completely closes out the game. is this normal? other than that liked the idea of pix elated movement almost like you where looking thru a camera. i would like to see more.  

Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, the game is supposed to close down automatically. Kind of anti-climactic, but then again I was going for a Blair Witch Project vibe.

you diff pulled it off. :) almost reminded me slender man murder mystery style type.. i enjoyed it. thank you!

This game was interesting. There wasn't much to it. But the atmosphere was well done and the style was cool. I enjoyed it. Just kinda wish there were more to it!

This was...something!

I liked the environments, and the entire premise was good fodder for Lumps Plays jokes and riffs. There wasn't too much to it, but for a game this short I didn't think that was too bad! The end did seem a tad abrupt, but so did The Blair Witch, to be honest...

Anyways, hope you like the Lumps Play and thanks for making the game!
Cheers. 🍻

What a strange little game, I'm not usually a fan of pixelated games, and this one really wasn't much pixelated but I really enjoyed the style of it. I don't have any complaints besides I wish there was more story, but I also understand things being up to interpretation. I really wonder are there three things to find and will they affect and change the game? Because I might go for round 2 and try to find them all. Overall it was a short, fun, creepy experience and something to think on. A part 2 to this could be really awesome, maybe another person exploring about and piecing this story together further? That would be awesome!! But I look forward to seeing what you do next! :)

This looks so promising! Really good work - it looks really good for a Unity game.


"it looks really good for a Unity game"

While I would agree that this game stands out from most of the garbage unity games released on itch.io and elsewhere, believe it or not, these graphics are still far below the upper-limit of graphical quality within the engine. I just don't like when people say "looks good for a unity game" as that implies Unity is inherently bad and "isn't the engine for graphics". Unity is an engine for programmers who can take advantage of its possibilities. However, due to its sharp learning curve, and the wave of "artists" who refuse to learn important concepts of game design and programming, a lot of games come out mediocre. Thus, when aspiring game developers see the mediocrity of the output of unity games, they will assume that it is an easier platform to develop for, and the cycle continues.

Caught your comment in passing and wanted to say I agree!

I try to make this point when I can, too. Usually I point towards Layers of Fear and more recently Cuphead as examples. Unity gets its bad reputation from being so easily accessible making it a great choice for indie developers...which aren't the most experienced ones. That's nothing against the engine, though—open up any engine to the public for free and you'll get the same result.

Sorry for seeming misleading. What I meant was the fact that Unity's graphical capabilities are WAY under those of Unreal Engine and similar modern engines by default.

Seed i like the you planted it on here it was fun wish there where more scare in it and i love the chicken out ladder !!!

Short and sweet! It definitely opened up a whole new world to me as well (before this, I had never seen The Blair Witch Project) and that was an amazing experience! I loved how it left so much to the player's thoughts. 

That ending made me sit there wondering, what the heck is going on! Very fun game, can't wait to see what you do in the future! 


If you want to you can watch my video on it here:

This was delightfully weird! For me this game is all about the atmosphere, it's very claustrophobic down here, and every step you take just makes you feel even more paranoid that something really bad is gonna happen any second.

The ending caught me off guard, but in a good way! Would love to see more games along this vein, the found footage style gameplay is excellent. Keep up the awesome work!

intriguing environment.

For your first foray into games, I am pleasantly surprised. You nailed the found footage aesthetic down to a science! My initial reaction to the ending has swung since I've finished and I agree  your decision on how to end the game. 

I look forward to your future work. - Jordan

It was quite scary at first. I was freaking out at every little sound. But it felt like there wasn't a whole lot in this game. There was one house and two things of interest. I was wandering around hoping for another building or object to interact with. But nothing. Then I got bored and looked for the ladder.

So yeah, despite that, I did still somewhat like the game. And you can tell from what an absolute wimp I am.

Hey muy buenas . Soy DS, el desarrollador de Eternal Walk , me he pasado y como amante del terror he jugado tu juego.

Me parece increíble la sensación plasmada de soledad y abandono durante el gameplay.

Para ser uno de los primeros juegos que sacas es muy bueno Bortz, realmente bueno.

Actualmente estoy desarrollando la secuela del mio, llevamos más de año y medio con el juego y buscamos gente como tú,  desarrolladores con nervios de acero y buena sensación en genero de horror.  

El titulo se basa en la sensación de abandono que has plasmado en el juego, y en sobrevivencia contra los monstruos. Tres protagonistas y un antagonista.

Contactame si te interesa. Estás invitado al proyecto :)



Vaya, muchas gracias!

Voy a echarle una ojeada al proyecto, la verdad es que no conocía el primer Eternal Walk. Tenéis un correo para contacto o...?

Claro! Aquí esta el correo:      eternalwalkdos@gmail.com

Cool game. Wish it had been longer.

This game...

(Edited 1 time)

I already made a video but I was informed that I missed a lot. So I went back and revisited it. Found a few more creepy things.

This was pretty interesting for me. I enjoy the feel it was going for...even if I tend to be a little baby in horror games. I also immediately noticed the Blair Witch parllels, which is well done because I didn't actually read the description before playing.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad the Blair Witch influence was noticeable haha

I loved the graphics and atmosphere! It was a short horror game but I definitely enjoyed it! :D

I liked the atmosphere; I always enjoy a horror game that isn't packed to the brim with jumpscares!

Well wanted to play but it made my gpu go to 92c and fan to 85% I have a gt 545 2gb no need for it to do this don't wanna destroy my gpu so no play.

Great job for a first game!

I enjoyed everything about it, and left my thoughts in the video. Would love to see a longer game out of you!


Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!


ABANDONED FOR A REASON | Seed Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Thanks for making this! It was fun, even though the game would crash when you get to read the final note :/
Here is my Let's Play : 


It's not crashing, the game is meant to close itself automatically when you reach that point.


I'm saying this because my video file from badicam would get corrupted each time this was happening and the game would stuck there showing the message continuously without the option to quit..
But it's ok somehow i've managed to make this happen.
Thanks a lot again for sharing your work with us :)


Really nice atmosphere, good job for the first time! Can't wait for future developments! Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

Hello Creator,

I Really Enjoyed The Game,The Atmospheric Is Really Awesome But May Have Slight Few Adjustments To Make For The Game,So Keep Up The Good Work =)

Check Out My Video:

Nice and creepy. I really like the atmosphere in the game. Nice and subtle. I was hoping for a little more to happen as it went on but it's great for a first game!

Thank you very much!

Interesante. No es mi estilo de juego y aun así lo he podido jugar un buen rato.

Igual que tu también estoy aprendiendo a hacer videojuegos en Unity, estaría interesante poder tener tu proyecto de Unity.

Sería posible que dieses el link de descarga del proyecto para poder ver las escenas y ver las técnicas que has utilizado para hacer el nivel?

Gracias y felicidades por tu primera publicación

Awesome game. Are you thinking of continuing on with this title or is a one-off?

Thanks! It'll probably be a one-off, I plan to focus on horror games but since this was my first attempt I'm sure I can come up with better ideas an concepts for other projects.

Excellent work! Especially hearing no experience with Unity is impressive. I'm feeling optimistic about yourprojects.

Thank you very much!

Me gustó bastante, es corto pero intenso, como suele decirse.

Al principio, como los 10 primeros minutos, me los pasé dando vueltas, bien pegado a la pared o bien caminando por el interior del bosque, sin encontrar nada, pensando que habias hecho un simple juego de ambientación tétrica... Por suerte, y gracias al sonido de lo que creo que era un grillo, pude encontrar la casa.

Me ha parecido fantástico que no hayas incluido ningun screeamer, ni uno solo, pues no le hacía falta en absoluto a este juego para ponerte tenso. Ese pequeño sonido que te acompaña siempre y lo lento de los controles, al menos a mí, me han ayudado a meterme más en el juego, pues estaba deseando encender la linterna, y al no responder al momento, me causaba más inquietud por lo que pudiera haber más adelante.

Es muy reminiscente a la Bruja de Blair, sin duda, y para mí eso también es un puntazo.

Ahora, las cosas malas... El inventario es catastrófico, a mi parecer sí, es algo complejo y algo tan sencillo como lo de la puerta se puede hacer innecesariamente complicado (aunque, por otra parte, el obligarte a estar unos momentos de más trasteando con el inventario, te produce esa sensación de "oh no, que puede estar pasando detrás de mí ahora..??". // Otro "fallo", este más personal, es que el estilo pixelado que le has dado, pese a que funciona con cosas más generales, al representar, por ejemplo, cosas más concretas como cuerpos,  falla un poco, pues se tarda en distinguir que es... De nuevo, a esto modemos darle la vuelta y pensar "Claro, es de noche, las cosas no se ven bien", o "Claro, si no se ven bien, hay que acercarse mucho para verlas correctamente, y eso puede provocar, de nuevo, más inquietud".

Con todo esto, te sigo desde hace tiempo y conozco tus opiniones sobre los juegos de terror... Opino exactamente igual qeu tú en ese tema, y por eso el juego me ha gustado tanto. Un juego donde lo interesante no es el susto o el ser mal hecho que te sigue o te salta a la cara, sino el escenario y la ambientación, los sonidos de fondo, y ese  malestar y miedo a girar hacia atrás.

Sigue así, Borja, de verdad que puede salir algo genial de esto!!

Muchas gracias! Aprecio la crítica y la tendré en cuenta para hacer el próximo :)

(Edited 1 time)

Me gustó. Para ser tu primer proyecto está bien. La ambientación sonora cumple su función: hacer creer al jugador que recibirá un susto que, por supuesto, nunca llega. Además recuerda un poco a la obra en la que está inspirado, junto al hecho de que no te explican nada (para bien, obviamente) pues deja espacio para el debate y para la rejugabilidad. El apartado visual es convincente y tétrico: el pixelado es un gran detalle que le da una distinción, una identidad. Lo mejor de todo es que aplicas lo que has dicho en tus videos: ni un solo jumpscare y una "trama" que deja pensando al jugador después de haber terminado. En cuanto a los fallos yo vería la torpeza innecesaria con la que se maneja el inventario y que el tiempo de reacción de los controles sea "demasiado", además de que la linterna no alumbra mucho, tal vez esto último sea cobardía mía. Este juego crea una atmósfera bastante envolvente y hasta satisfactoria. Podría decir que tienes mucho potencial para continuar en este medio. Por último quisiera felicitarte por crear un juego distinto, de los que ya casi no hay, y por evitar a toda costa lo que tanto odias. Gracias Bortz, eres genial :)

P. D: Es gracioso que puedas terminar el juego dándote la vuelta xD

Bueno, luego de haber jugado el juego por casi 20 minutos, obtenido los 3 finales, y  tratando de exprimir cada rincón del mapa y encontrando lo mejor que pudiese, a mi me pareció un test bastante decente, obviamente siendo tu primer trabajo no va a ser absolutamente fantástico. 

Me gusta el detalle de el filtro y el aspecto pixeleado, le da un sentimiento único, definitivamente mientras exploraba el bosque y escuchaba ruidos extraños me giraba con terror a ver qué habría ahí, y el no encontrar absolutamente nada me puso tan espantado que realmente tuve que bajar el volumen esperando un jumpscare. 

Hablando de jumpscares, me gustaría felicitarte por no haber puesto ni uno, solo bastó el poner una casa frente a mi para aterrorizarme de saber que debería entrar a ella para poder avanzar. 

El uso del inventario me confundió al principio, pero no me disgustó.

Personalmente siento que lograste un buen trabajo, aunque un bosque en la noche es lo suficientemente aterrador para que cualquiera se asuste, hiciste un buen trabajo con los sonidos y la ambientación de fondo. Me intrigó lo suficiente como para repetir el juego a ver si encontraba algún que otro detalle por ahí. 

¡Definitivamente espero con ansias tu próximo proyecto y te deseo mucha suerte!

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